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Expect More From Your HCM Software

Ever wondered to yourself "there has to be a better way to do this," as you stumbled through another day in your clunky Human Capital Management software suite (HR, Benefits, Payroll, Time, Applicant, Performance, Learning Management, and maybe more)? 

We've got good news - there is. In six minutes, we'll show you functionality you never thought possible and open your eyes to a whole new world of better human capital management. Are you ready? 

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How about a modern AND intuitive HCM platform?

  • Faster & Easier: Reduce as much as 50% of the time and work it takes to do real-world administrative tasks and transactions such as:
    • - retro-pay calculations,
      visualizing org charts and reporting relationships,
      routine HR and benefit changes,
      running executive reports,
      and even pushing real-time workforce financials to your financial systems.
  • Make More, Save More: Identify cost-saving and money-earning opportunities, and make data-driven decisions with real-time, always accurate reporting over your entire workforce across any time period – past, present or future.
  • Less Vendor Headaches: SyncHR eliminates the common vendor headaches by providing a dedicated Customer Success Manager, flexible and transparent pricing, simple agreements and no hidden fees.


Our Real Clients

(for the record, we have zero 'Fake Clients')

The value we have received since implementing SyncHR continues to increase as we grow and evolve. As we sometimes find ourselves juggling multiples tasks, having one application that we can trust to handle, automate, and help manage our HCM needs is critical to our continued success.”


Our companies grow six-fold over a six month, seasonal period every year, and having an HCM platform like SyncHR that scales to handle the dynamic nature of our business while providing improved efficiency and productivity is invaluable to us. The team at SyncHR got us up and running in record time, and the platform continues to deliver the business value that we need from such an important internal system.”


We needed a fully automated solution that was going to support our growth. Many of our existing processes were manual. With a switch to SyncHR we are increasing the efficiency of the HR department, improving the accuracy of the data, and putting the data our managers and employees need to make better decisions at their fingertips.”

- ALICE NORRIS, VP OF HRCascadeWindows