HR Reimagined: The Cloud Done Right

More Than Just Human Capital Management, SyncHR is a Next-Gen People Platform That You Can Expect More From….

SyncHR provides next-generation workforce management capabilities to mid-sized companies without the complexity or cost of enterprise HCM systems. Our solid core foundation allows dynamic, fast-growing companies to streamline all their HR administrative tasks, make data-driven decisions in real-time, and empower their employees, managers and executives to be more connected, coordinated and productive.

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A Complete HCM, Plus Future-Proof Extensibility

In addition to covering the full suite of typical HCM capabilities like HR, Payroll and Benefits management, SyncHR leverage Open Standards technology to easily connect with virtually any SaaS application, like the ones you use today, the next great service on the horizon. Or, just use ours:

  • Recruiting
  • Time & Attendance
  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
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Better, Data-Driven Decisions

No more guesswork. Employees, managers and executives will have access to always-accurate, real-time data to make better, more informed decisions.

Less Administrative Work

Eliminate or streamline many of the common administrative tasks or manual workflows that slow people down, freeing them up to spend more time serving your customers and growing the business.

Happier & More Engaged Teams

Give your employees, managers and executives a truly modern experience that not only makes their work lives easier, but also sets you apart as a company who invests only in the best for their employees.


“We needed a fully automated solution that was going to support our growth. Many of our existing processes were manual. With a switch to SyncHR we are increasing the efficiency of the HR department, improving the accuracy of the data, and putting the data our managers and employees need to make better decisions at their fingertips.”