We approach Position Management in a way the industry hasn't seen. Read how.



Position your company for success

Unlike other HCM's, SyncHR's position management architecture allows you to manage positions independently from people - freeing you from repetitive, time-consuming tasks. A position-first workforce data approach, powered by SyncHR, means HR leaders and other executives can:


Bridge finance and HR operations with on-demand headcount budget or staffing plan adjustments based on open/filled job requisition and historical labor cost trends


Gain instant, real-time insight into current staff levels, budgets, and plans without sifting through spreadsheets or multiple systems


Easily compare organization and financial plans with actual hiring events and expenditures

This approach spares overburdened HR and payroll teams from having to manually recreate position and employee data repeatedly. More importantly, the persistence of the data also brings greater visibility into the current state of the business along with historical context, enabling teams to uncover and quickly capitalize on new staffing and business opportunities.

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